Monday, February 4, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

This is my 2012 Daily Planner.  Filled up every day with "things to do" and with revelation from the Father.

I fell for this Mead Spiral and it's "floppy" feel!

Also, I LOVE the feeling that comes in knowing that the LORD has filled my life up with such powerful and wonderful projects these days!

Being that it would never be "just" a Daily Planner to me, I wanted to create my own cover and design; something that would thrill me every time I would open it and work my works in it.

Selecting, once again, this antique quilt I purchased from my local "special place" (River City Trading Post - Jenks, OK) ... I began.

All smiles, whenever it comes to creating anything that I feel has come from Him.

In the finality of it all, over the course of the year, I ended with this.

(Daily Planner to the right and an accompanying "bag" to the left.)

Then, I created a little "clutch" to go with the entire set.

Every stitch, every imagination ...

Hours of love ...

And now...

It's 2013 ...

My Daily Planner set did not include a removable cover!

So ...

Off to "new imaginations" ...


rugged country collection/hanger # 6617