Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beautiful musings ...

On a beautiful, serene ...

Saturday, Mid September ....

Afternoon ...

I'm a little sleepy ...

It's very, very quiet here ....

I'm all alone ....

And I'm enjoying "peace" and "rest" with the LORD ....

And some settings of "creation".

It's wonderfully comforting.

Restoration comes from relaxation.

Note: Photos from Bella Betina & Pinterest

Saturday, September 17, 2016

How can we NOT savor those last, fleeting moments of ...


More and more, as time goes by, I find myself thinking on

the "idea" of living somewhere, where summer is with you

year 'round!

Fall and winter are special in their own right and spring as well ...

However, the warmth of summer, although too warm much of the 

time where we're located now, summer, is still healing to the bones!

The flowers, the beauty ... 

Summer, don't go just yet!

Just what do you find to do indoors all through the fall, winter, spring ...

Until summer comes 'round, once more?

Well, it matters not what the seasons are ...

The days continue on and something will require our attention,

Our love, our forgiveness, our work, our playtime,

Our worship, praise and prayer!

Oh, yes! These are NOT seasonal,

But are necessary and vital to be ALIVE at all times!

Friday, February 12, 2016

At Rugged Country, we love to explore!

To create something that's perhaps not been imagined in such a way prior
to our vision.

It's always "lovely" when someone passes by, stops to take notice of and to pick up, examine 

That's the response we're looking for! 

Create on!

We took ordinary, store purchased Thank You cards and antiqued them with
the same antiquing that we have chosen to always use on our tags.

This creates an "all new - old" experience for those who are on the
receiving end of things!

Send these "non-typical" cards and watch the responses!

We LOVE "rugged"!

What's your opinion?

You'll want to MAKE ROOM for more than one set!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Yes, this is US. 

This is the "big question" at the beginning of 2016 - for us - and for you: "What will you ASK of the 
Heavenly Father in this New Year?"

Perhaps you are in the place that I was for most of my young, religiously educated life. I didn't know 
that part of our relationship with God, is that He commands us to come before Him and to ask of Him, 
in His Sons' Name, whatsoever we will.

I had no idea, no right,Biblical knowledge to tell me that God wants us to "ask of Him". How about 

So, read the Word and then tell us, are you being prompted by the Holy Spirit to "ask" in a way 
that you never have been before? Do you have a new comfort in asking, now that you've found the 
scriptures to back you up in the Word? 

Thinking of you.

Izzy Herriette & Co / Ginger Renken