Sunday, December 27, 2015

My "more than likely" last project of 2015. 

Well, you never really know. This was a total accident.

I was so wanting a piece of wood just like this about a week ago but didn't have time to go shopping 

one. Moving that old buffet in the background, I noticed a backboard barely hanging on the back, 

which I realized did NOT need to remain attached ….

Yes! It worked absolutely perfectly for what I was imagining!

Love it.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

So, here's hoping and praying that you had a wonderful Christmas with family and perhaps friends. 

I don't know why but my mind has spent much time over these last several days,  pondering all that relates to our American way of doing Christmas and I've been wondering just how many families were able to celebrate the holidays in the way that they would have liked to this year. I guess I find myself doing a deep cleaning "examination of my own life kind of thing"these days; wondering and praying about changes I need to make in order to see myself become more of what my imagination tells me I'd like to be.

Change is not always easy. Not usually easy. Most often very uncomfortable and challenging. It's making ourselves step into things that we've never done before, causing us to become something we've maybe never been before and going places where we may not have been bold enough or curious enough to venture into, in the past. Sometimes it means an intentional effort to create within ourselves an interest that doesn't come naturally for us but one that needs to be a part of our lives. 

Whatever you're looking at today, as we head toward another New Year - 2016 - may the LORD direct your thoughts, your contemplations and yes, even your imaginations. 

I BELIEVE we can always do more, always strive for better and always improve our quality of life. That's what I BELIEVE he would have us to involve ourselves in this coming year. What can we do to make things more exciting, workable, profitable and beneficiary for ourselves and for those around us; for our children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and beyond? 

Maybe we all need a "special page" in our 2016 Daily Planners for just this kind of reveling! 
I plan to create one in mine. 

God bless you all as you do your little soul search.

Izzy Herriette & Co / Ginger Renken 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Still loving everything we do here …

Still more than satisfied with our style …

When you're happy with your own creations …

It's a great feeling!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Well, Rugged Country Collections was a little bit neglected this past 2014. So much went on with family this past year and little attention was able to be directed to something that I truly was passionate about. 

As I look back, I wonder how that could happen. How did everything get so far removed from me? It took ministering, sharing much with Trunk Treasures/Teaching Moments with Izzy Herriette & Co and then nearly half of the year spent on family who encountered illness; including myself.

As you know, we don't believe in "illness, sickness or disease and malady". We believe in the Cross of Jesus Christ that stand as our deliverance from all such evils. (Is 53)

So, we are headed into 2015 with great hope, faith and love; first for the Father who took such awesome care of us in 2014, second for keeping His promises to us and third but not last, for being so close to us as we walked daily through the past year. 

Everything we experience, as we cling to Him, becomes a "rose" of sweet smell and beauty. It is our lives unfolding before us. 

How we SEE it all … depends upon our faith and trust in Him and His Word. 

Here's to your great 2015!

All our love!

Izzy Herriette & Co 
Rugged Country Collections