Monday, December 5, 2016

I know it's not very Christmassy yet in my office and this isn't the entire of it yet ...

Still working on it. 

But I added the doors to the wall and I really like the mood it sets for me here where I work.

This, of course, is my file cabinet that I've lugged everywhere with me for the past twenty

years and it is filled both inside and out!

So much change I'd like to introduce in this office space and it all takes time and energy

To coordinate everything in just the way you like it.


My little eight year old granddaughter that was here just this past Thanksgiving

Absolutely fell in love with all of my articles displayed on my office walls. 

She inquired "more than once" if Grandma would make these outfits for her too!

And this ...

There are two of them, created by my youngest two children in their school days.

It's so interesting to see each of their different and unique ideas for a mask that they were instructed 

To create in one of their art classes.

This one, below, is my sons.

This is my hand at an attachment, a new lense given me by my son-in-law over Thanksgiving. 

It's another version of the top of my file cabinet.

This is my daughter's interpretation or idea ...

Interesting? There were two earrings, one on each ear and I woke up one morning and the one 

Earring was fallen on the bed in the room. At the same time,  little strand of jewels she'd made

For a book of mine, fell apart on my desk.

These doors, my daughter and I when searching for and found in a salvage yard / flea market a few

Summers ago. I wanted them put together for my "recording set" for my ministry.


And, of course, I think I've shared before that these outfits are ones I made for our ministry

Years ago. 1993, to be exact. 

An entire generation has passed since these were made and used by my own children and nieces. 

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