Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Yes!  This is exactly how we start the New Year every year: PRAYER!

And the scriptures of promise for our lives, families, our future and all of our steps forward. 


From our Trunk Treasures set table, filled with leftover 2015 Christmas stuff.

Some things remain the same - year round.

Izzy Herriette & Co / Ginger Renken / Rugged Country Collections

Some white gift bags we decorated ourselves a few years back. 

Since we still chose not to use these particular ones because we liked them SO MUCH OURSELVES, 

they've become part of the decor.

Love the WHITE PAPER, reminding me of the purity in Christmas.

And of course, being the avid Starbucks fan that I am …

I collect those little gift bags too and they somehow show up all around the house as some kind of 

"novelty" decor.

You can never have enough SNOWFLAKES for winter decorating or enough twine!

We search for twine of many varieties. Great for gift wrapping those special gifts any time of the year.

I missed so, the "fresh" sprigs of greenery this last year. I much prefer the wonderful smell and realness 

of that brought in from the outside but we were just far too busy this year with other things and …

so the sacrifice this time. 

Next year - Christmas 2016 - watch for it!!

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