Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting closer and closer to being "rugged country christmas" READY!

I am so excited about this beautiful accident that happened, when in search of buttons for this stocking, I came across these rusted turquoise. What an ADD for color boost. Love it.

Pulled out these ornaments that I bought at an after-Christmas-sale last year and had tucked away in one of the buffets. The gold creates such depth of beauty!!

A top-looking-down upon all the STUFF on my coffee table, where you just saw the antique dolls positions in the forefront. I literally have more Christmas ornaments in these cheese keepers than anywhere else in the house.

Another of those "tucked-away-wiating-to-be-used-for-the-first-time 2012 Christmas balls.

These ... oh, these!! What a new addition to our collection. I found these last year-after-Christmas as well. These ornaments measure only about and inch in diameter. They came in a six inch plastic Christmas tree - loaded. I was SHOKED at how many balls I continued to reach for and pull out of that small package. These bring such a rich, dark glow, along with the reds and bright green we've added this year. Yes, the green ribbon was also a sale from last year.

More of those small, glitter balls that pack a big SPARKLE!

Red and silver with gold. I only got five of these balls. They measure four and five inches, so I placed them over the large window in the living space.

This is our TRUNK TREASURE / TEACHING MOMENTS WITH IZZY HERRIETTE & CO, corner table, spruced up for the holiday!

All decorated with things we had stored away in the garage for a few years.

For several years, I bought so much from that little antique / thrift market The River Walk, in Jenks, OK, that I had to STOP and I have enough STOCK now to go on for an eternity. I used to pick up all manner of gift cards marked down, whenever I would see them and just started a real collection of them. Most of my purchases have been sales and I also bought so much from Dollar Tree, back in the day.

It's so EASY to come up with simple, little FILLERS too, creating those little extra EYE-GRABBERS with small fabric CREATES.

I bought these buckets at the River Walk. There were about ten of them for $1.00 a piece. I couldn't pass them up!

AND ... I bought an entire plastic TUB of antique Christmas, glass balls ... for $5.00 for the entire TUB. All colors and sizes. I have enjoyed every single one of them, as I leave them strewn around the house, all year round.

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