Sunday, December 15, 2013

Can't leave out the RESTROOM when you're doing CHRISTMAS.

Specially made for that special spot in the house ...

Photos don't capture the way these stuffed hearts actually turned out. They're so PRETTY and FUN, if I do say so myself.

My large, large, extremely large candle stand that I've had for well over ten years now, adds that "rustic" look, with the fluted heavy glass and the RUST stand. Fill with homemade bars of soap, tags, roping, and a few Christmas balls (Dollar Tree) and I'm feeling right at home - RUGGED!

This metal piece is another I purchased from River City, several years ago.

Just hanging this NEW heart over the edge of that metal and ...

It's looking a little like CHRISTMAS.

(Muslin strip of fabric - plain - makes a beautiful wrap-around-bow for that tall glass candle holder.)

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